09 January 2024


Welcome to the kingdom of Vastrenar!

Home to roughly four million people, Vastrenar is a prosperous kingdom, filled with history, culture, and elemental magic.

The Mirrored Highlands in the north are more changeable than most anywhere else. From the snow-capped mountains to the high-elevation plateaus, this area is vast and wild. It is also the least populated. Outside of the joint capital cities of Croyton (to the east) and Strande (to the west), there are very few populated areas. Several mines are found in the Mirrored Highlands, and the highest number of non-magic users call this region home.

Esmere is at the literal heart of the kingdom. Located in the center of the continent, any and all trade between the northern and southern regions must pass through it, making it a prosperous and dignified region. The land itself is fertile and of mixed use, with several rivers and roads connecting the numerous villages and port cities. Magic users (Wielders) are welcomed here, but areas closest to the Mirrored Highlands are less safe than areas to the south. Rosehelm sits at its center, and is where our story begins.

The southern reaches of the kingdom are divided into two regions – Alderdale (to the east), and the Gilded Coast (to the west). Alderdale is the smallest region in the kingdom, and home to the greatest number of Wielders. This area is densely vegetated, with a few cities and several villages tucked within the forested hills splitting the peninsula in two. Meadowrun is its capital, and thrives on art, philosophy, and history. The Ash Isles (a series of islands in the bay to the north) are also part of this region.

The Gilded Coast is the richest region in the kingdom, both in wealth and ecosystem diversity. As its name suggests, sandy beaches and cliffs line its expansive coastline, while interior areas are lush with oases, rolling fields and meadows, and pristine wildlife areas. Port Raze is its capital, and like many cities in the region, it is located on the coast, allowing for greater trade and import. This region is the most welcoming to Wielders, and many magic families have lived there for generations. It is also the most populated region, due in large part to the kingdom’s capital.

Over three hundred thousand people call Valthis home, and several thousand others come and go each day. The city itself is built on what was once a floodplain and delta, allowing for expansion as it grew with time. Many buildings are constructed with white stone, giving the city a bright and cheery feel. The scents of spices, fish, and sea are never far away, and the latest fashions – brought in from all across the kingdom – are always trendy. The city was established at the end of the Schism – a war between Wielders and non-magic users, fought five hundred years ago. The first king of the Everard line declared Valthis a safe haven for Wielders across the kingdom, and that continues to this day.