10 January 2024


Welcome to the empire of Tredania!

Located on the warm and dynamic planet of Euvis, this island nation is one of dozens that speckle the planet’s surface. Its tropical climate gives way to lush meadows, fertile soils, countless rivers and streams, and exotic wildlife. The mountains located in Tredania are mined for metal ore – mostly iron, nickel, gold, copper, and lead, although other metals are found in certain areas. Because of this mining activity, much of the infrastructure is constructed from leftover stone and metal.

Like every nation on the planet, Tredania has a volcano located within its boundary. Unlike other nations, an eruption that occurred millennia ago divided the nation into two smaller landmasses. The basin that formed as a result of that eruption is wide, deep, and made of pure obsidian, lending to its name - the Midnight Sea. It is a strikingly beautiful contrast to the rest of the bright and colorful landscape.

Volcanoes are special on Euvis, offering not only natural beauty and wonder, but also magic. At the heart of every society, metal magic reigns. Everyone can use magic, although they can only use one type of metal. Each Wright – as a person who uses their magic is called – can manipulate their metal in multiple ways, including detecting, forging, healing, strengthening, and many more. Each metal class has a benefit to society, although in Tredania, not every class is treated equally.

The Gold Wrights have been in power in Tredania for generations, and the empire that has been built during their reign is one that benefits some classes more than others. But eventually, all great empires must fall.

Thus begins the story of Rise of Iron. Stay tuned for updates on the upcoming release of this novel, and the drafting of the sequels that follow.