Introductions and Expectations

08 January 2024


Hello, and welcome to my new website and blog!

If you’ve made it this far, you know that I am a writer. As such, this blog will focus on topics related to writing, including updates on my current projects, my creative process, world building, and inspiration for my stories. It may also dabble in other areas of interest, such as cats (I have two), reading, nature photography, mental health, and more.

One thing you will rarely (if ever) find here is negativity. While some aspects of my stories stem from negative experiences, it is not my intention to dwell on those aspects – neither in my stories nor in real life. I want this blog to be a safe and welcoming place, where readers can learn more about me and my stories. Because of this, if I believe any content warnings are warranted, I will put those at the top of the post. That way, you can continue reading if you feel comfortable doing so.

You will also never find any artificial intelligence (AI) or large language model (LLM) art or text. Creativity is what makes us human, and in my opinion, neither AI nor LLM have a place in the discussion. I respect that other artists and writers feel differently, but as for my part, you will find neither here.

Again, welcome! I look forward to the journey ahead, and hope you’ll join me when you can. And if you’re interested in an even deeper dive into these topics (as well as occasional additional content and sneak peeks), sign up for my newsletter now!

Thank you, be well, and stay creative.