The Way of the Wielder

The Way of the Wielder, Book One

Sarah J. Hoodlet

Two people, searching for their paths in life.

Jaslan, a Water Wielder, begins researching a magical object with a strange symbol inside. As her research unfolds, she discovers truths that will not just change how magic is viewed, but will awaken in her something she thought was only a myth – something that may endanger her life, and the lives of those around her.

Jack joins an organization with ulterior motives, and slowly begins to question his involvement. But when an unexpected opportunity presents itself, he accepts without hesitation, and is plunged into a life of secrecy that allows him to protect those he cares about, but also blinds him to the veiled motives of others.

Her research and his espionage entwine in beautifully tragic ways that reveal not just the power of magic, but the power of love, the power of truth, and the power of lies.

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