Rise of Iron

The Tredania Chronicles, Book One

Sarah J. Hoodlet
Emery has always been different. Even before the collapse took her loved ones, she was quiet, observant, and confident in her Iron Wright abilities. So when she feels a tremor beneath her feet, she knows something about it is strange. Minor tremors weren’t uncommon in the Cave City of Oraden, but they weren’t supposed to feel familiar.

She devises a plan to leave Oraden and seek help from the Gold Wrights of the capital. There, she speaks with the High Chancellor about the looming threat – but the High Chancellor doesn’t believe her. And when Emery asks for help keeping her people safe, the High Chancellor not only humiliates Emery, she refuses to let her go home at all.

A prisoner in a strange city, Emery’s forced into becoming a pawn for an empire that sees Iron Wrights as little more than slaves. But when she befriends the handsome Lead Wright assigned to watch her, Emery’s eyes are opened to the truths kept secret from her people for centuries. Truths that change everything.

Now she must decide whether to stay and accept her fate, or run from it. The answer is easy. The only question is if she’s strong enough to be the person society needs her to become.

Coming Soon: TBD

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